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This is portraiture on another level, and that’s what makes it so impossible to ignore. You drink it in, learn nothing tangible, and long for more. That is their artistry, elevating the images from pictures that capture people to ones that hide them in plain sight.


Alissa Anne Pagano

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Karin Mumm Karin Mumm is a photographer and future art director from Colombia and Germany. She began her studies of Fine Arts and Photography at the Jorge Tadeo Lozano University in Bogotá. She is graduated and got her Photography Bachelor's degree at Miami International University of Art and Design.Currently she is studying her M.S in Global Strategic Communications with creative track in art direction in FIU and MAS.

Her passion for photography and art began because she grew up in an artistic environment, and saw photography as a unique art. She is creating her own style, and focuses on fine art, fashion, and portrait photography.
Nothing is more beautiful than to collect rare and dreamy photographs. The sublime beauty is in the small details such as expressions, accessories, natural light of the environments and spaces. Through my camera, I seek a romance or a  melancholic sense: a story inside a picture. Often romantic and spicy, sometimes nostalgic, the aesthetic of my work is strangely cinematic. I want to give life to the little things, to romanticism, transcendent beauty, to the unusual, the unique. 

Galería Arte Venezolano, Miami  

Local Art during Art Basel, Miami  

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