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I am a chill tattooed mom, art director, and photographer. After a while, I stopped counting how many tattoos I have. And if you’re wondering if I regret them, my answer is no. In fact, I want more from head to toe. 


Everyone thinks I am Russian, but they’re wrong. I am a proud Colombian and German. I love going to hardcore punk concerts, but I can also dance salsa and merengue (I am a Latina, que esperabas?). One of my weird goals is to become a barista, but only so I can prepare myself the perfect cappuccino. Something I love even more than coffee is animals. In Colombia, I would rescue dogs from the street and bring them home. My mom did not appreciate my cute surprises. On the weekends, my favorite activities are going to the gym and spending time with my family. 


I am an experienced photographer working with analog and digital photography. My work often portrays nostalgia and the aesthetic can be strangely cinematic. As an art director, my style is distinctive and unexpected.

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